15 July 2005

Nevada and I had a date tonight. It was nothing fancy but it felt so good just to be together...without other people and without errands to do. We enjoyed dinner at the Taste of Saskatchewan down by the river and then we rented an old school flick, "The Last Emperor" (on VHS). I had seen the show years ago but was too young to appreciate it or understand any of it. This time I could make sense of so much having just returned from China and learning about the history. The last century of Chinese history has been crazy...filled with so much change and so many significant events. I highly recommend this movie but you should bone up on the internet first. In Saskatchewan we're a little slow on recognizing the increasing power of China and the Chinese in the international community but it's time that we start educating ourselves about Asia and absorbing some of the rich culture and history. In 20 years China will be the next USA and if you're not on the boat you'll be left behind.


Cathy said...

I'm guessing we'll be doing soup next Tuesday, so if you're interested give Jeb a call Tues morning. ps. - cool hair!

Tom said...

Way to do the date thing. That kind of stuff matters...that is until the Chinese take over and we're all imprisoned.