31 July 2005

I'm momentarily online...I haven't had access to the internet for the last few days so I apologize for the absense. I've been going crazy as the net has become a very important part of my life these days. Anyways...here's the Taiwan scoop. We arrived safely on Thursday.We were taken to our apartment...it's quite small and I'm not real happy. We've met some of the staff and they are great people...we've spent maybe 10 hours in IKEA and picked out some cool stuff. It arrives tomorrow and we're really excited. Other than that we've been hangin out with fellow new teachers and just getting accustomed to the new city. It's tough to overcome the expectations based on our last experience in Kaohsiung. This will become home but it's not there yet. I'm using the internet at a fellow teachers house and I've been at it for a while so I should cut this now. We're safe, we're happy and we're looking forward to our new life. Please keep in touch and I'll do my best to keep updated....we'll have the internet in our house in a few weeks...that's all I know. Peace out.

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Cathy said...

Hey Chester - I see your photo on the bulletin board every time I go into Starbucks on 8th - glad to hear you two are starting to get settled. Looking forward to hearing of your adventures!