27 July 2005

It's time for the last post from Canada...I'm sure I'll post from Canada again in my life but not for awhile. We've prayed, we've prepped and we've packed and finally the time has arrived. Nevada and I will set out on another major journey today for the country of Taiwan. Good times await!!! My stress level is still very high and has been that way for a few months now but I look forward to settling in and having some time to finally unwind. I don't expect the transition to be easy but throughout my heart will be at peace. I don't have much more to say.....I look forward to keeping you all up to date with my life through this Blog and if you are a blogger please keep writing so that I can also sty in tune with you....


Heather said...

Love the hair!! We are lifting you up in prayer. We leave on Thursday!! Maybe we can see plan a trip to IKEA someday!!


Glenn said...

Astonishing hair! I'm betting you won't last til Christmas but it would be cool if you did. Enjoy Taiwan -- will you guys be at the Morrison Academy in Taipei or the main campus further south? Just asking so I can pass your info on to my Taiwanese friends to say Hi!