23 August 2005

For all of you that would be interested in talking to me while I'm in Taiwan...I want to tell you about SKYPE. It's a internet phone program...the conversations are crystal clear and it makes communication free (as long as you are online). Check it out...download it and look for me, skype name: chestertaiwan. We're not yet online at home but I'm online off and on at Nevada's school and we should be hooked up at home by the end of the week.


Hilary said...

Hey Chester. I read an article about the guys who invented SKYPE. I guess it's the same nerds that figured out Kazza and ruined everyone's computers...maybe that's something to think about when hooking yourself up to SKYPE. I'm sure it's fine though. Hope everything is going well in Taiwan! I got into Education so I'm starting that soon and I'm really excited. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Skype is ok, but does seem to slow the computer down at times. I removed it because Google will have a very similar version out soon that will compare with skype, but more secure.