23 August 2005

This weekend was a lot of fun. I made a spontaneous decision on Thursday night to head down to Kaohsiung for the weekend. I know what you're thinking...weren't you just there? Yes I was...two weekends ago. But this weekend was special. My friend Mike from Saskatoon was arriving in Kaohsiung. I wanted to be a part of the welcome committee and make him feel at home in Taiwan. He is about the 100th Holy Cross grad to come to Taiwan...it's like a special post-high-school club. We had a good time eating at some local restaurants, playing some darts, visting the pipe shop and playing poker. I think he'll do just fine here...he's living with another high school buddy Shane...so he has a good Taiwan mentor. I'm glad to be back at home though and I think I'll spend the next few weekends getting to know the sites of Taipei a little better.

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