07 August 2005

I am wrapping up a great weekend. With Nevada busy doing the school prep thing I decided to get out of her hair and head down to Kaohsiung (our old stompin grounds). I was feeling a little bummed in Taipei and needed a burst of happy. And happy it has been...my friend Keith has been taking good care of me....we've eaten some great food, played some poker, played some basketball and cruised around town on his scooter. Good times!!! I hope that someday Taipei becomes our home like Kaohsiung was...it's only been two weeks so I know there is plenty of time for Taipei to win me over. One of the highlights of my weekend has been the all day internet access....we've had very little online time in Taipei and so I've been glued to my computer when we''re not out and about doing stuff. When away from home the internet is essential...we should have it sometime in the next 10 day...we need our national ID cards which should be ready this week sometime.

Tonight I'm going to church in Kaohsiung at our old church, Bread of Life. I'm looking forward to seeing the people but I'm not really looking forward to the service. Rumor has it that everything has become more charismatic and the length of the service reflects that. I'm used to a modern yet conservative service that lasts an hour on the dot. I'm not saying there are right or wrongs here but there is definitely a style I am more comfortable with. I'm not sure where Nevada is going to church today in Taipei...we went to the Taipei International Church last week and it was a bit stuffy and old school. I hope that we can find a good church home...it can be a place of great community and I'm looking forward to meeting some new people in Taipei. Well it's almost time for church so I should get going....when I'm online next I might actually have a few original thoughts rather than just comments on life in Taiwan.


Tom said...

Just walk out after an hour and make a big scene. That's what I always do.
Glad you're enjoying yourself. Talk to you soon I hope.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, my son
I am trying to email but can't get on at work and your special day will be over there in Taiwan.
I did celebrate your arrival many years ago for many days after your BIRTHday so will contact you when I am home.