03 August 2005

Yesterday we bought bikes. Now we have some freedom and can expand our exploration territory. It sort of feels like being on a scooter but not quite. We got two bikes, two locks, two baskets, a bell and a helmet for 5500 NT which is about $200....that's super cheap and for that we are happy.

I played basketball at the school last night. It was good to get some exercise. With basketball, walking, biking and smaller eating I should be slim and trim in no time. We'll see....maybe wehen I come home next summer you won't recognize but I doubt it.

I'm doing ok with my Chinese but I can't wait to get back in class. I have to sign-up by the end of the week and then class starts on Sept.1. I have to take a proficiency test to see what level my Chinese is at. I'm a little worried that I might get put in a beginner class cuz I'm rusty but really I'm way ahead of a beginner. I'm also super looking forward to working on my reading and writing. That's a real challenge but it's so rewarding when you can read a sign or a menu. Someday I WILL be fluent...

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