07 September 2005

another day, another natural disaster

It seems like just last week there was a typhoon...oh wait there was and now we had an earthquake today. It registered a 6.1 on the Richter scale...that's pretty big considering that the scale basically tops off at 8. It happened just of the East coast and didn't cause any damage just some nausia. I was in the middle of Chinese class when it happened....at first you feel whoozy like you're gonna pass out...then you notice things wobbling or the blinds rocking...then you feel it in your stomach like a bad amusement ride....and then it's done. When we were in Taiwan before we felt a couple small earthquakes but this one was the biggest. I looked out the window at the the library building and I saw the racks of books teetering...they maintained their balance but it would have been awesome to see them do the domino thing around the whole floor. It was also fun to see my teacher get a bit freaked out...she's a middle aged Taiwanese lady and she said "where is the safest place to be?" like I know...I'm not sure Saskatchewan has ever had an earthquake.

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SarahJ said...

Earthquakes scare me. And as much as people complain and make fun of Saskatchewan, there are very few (if any) natural disasters that we have to worry about. You wont see any hurricaines, earthquakes or tsunami's here