07 September 2005

Mr. MACkenzie

It has become clear that I have found a chink in the MAC armor. A couple months ago I received an iSight (Apple's webcam) as a gift and needless to say I was pretty excited. I was hoping the superior MAC technology would make communication between Taiwan and home a lot smoother but...here it is....there are no free programs that do video chat between Mac and PC. So I have a nice computer and a nice webcam and am unable to use it. I have Mac versions of MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger but they are stripped down version of the ones used on PC. I have talked about the goodness of Skype and that works fine but it's only audio. Mac has an amazing application called iChat that works in conjunction with AOL instant messenger but the same problems are there when doing things Mac to PC. One positive thing is that my brother-in-law has a Mac and an iSight and we were able to have some sweet video chat today. So if anyone wants to meet with me online I guess you need to go to my bro-in-law's...just kidding. So for now I wait for one of the two sides to give and open up fullservices to the other.

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todd said...

wow the word "chink" really stands out on yout post since youre in Taiwan. then i realized i was reading something else. life seems interesting enough there.