15 September 2005

Four the record...

1) This week has been sort of a heat wave here. It's been about 34 degrees everyday. I realize that makes some of you jealous but I'm not a big fan. It's 100% humidity and that means you sweat the minute you leave the A/C. Anyways...what I really wanted to say is that the skies have been clear and blue. I've had a few moments this week where I've stopped to look at the mountains that surround Taipei....I can see them with glowing sunlight and vibrant blue skies. This isn't always the case in Taiwan so I have to appreciate it when it happens. God's creation is beautiful.

2) Jobs: I had a job interview today with an ESL publishing company. It went well and I think I got the job...I have a meeting or two with some co-workers next week to discuss my role in the projects that lie ahead. I will be helping to write curriculum, proof read and do some editing. It's the perfect job for me in Taiwan....I work my own hours on a project to project basis and I can do it on my laptop so my office is anywhere I want it to be. I also have another interview on Saturday with a man who needs someone to teach business english and conversation skills with businessmen from a company. I would go there once a week for a couple of hours and have a class with them. It sounds like a good job and will probably pay better than the average childrens tutoring gig. I'll let you know how the interview goes.

3) Ever since iTunes started carrying podcasts a few months back I've been experimenting to find some that I like. Aside from the ESPN ones that are a staple there are a couple I really like. The main one being Coverville....it's a music show that is all cover tunes...the host does different theme shows and request shows as well as spotlights on specific artists. The music he plays is top notch and it's so neat to hear familiar songs done in a different way. I also like the Wired Jesus Podcast: Wanderings of a post-modern pilgram...it's a pastor who understands the world as it is today and does his best to highlight issues facing Christians and spirituality in these post-modern times...I especially recommend checking out his archives for the shows he did on July 15 and July 30.

4) Just finished watching "Veronica Guerin"...it's a true story about an Irish journalist who was killed for exposing the drug lords of Ireland in the 90's. Nevada and I recommend it. I do my best to see all the movies I can about Ireland and this ranks right up there.

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Melissa said...

I agree with the movie review, I saw it a while ago. It's a good one but also tough to watch. Good luck on the job front, I'm rooting for you!