18 September 2005

Sunday afternoon TV

Although we have cable TV in our place there is a major lack of English channels. We get about 12 channels....6 movie channels, 1 TV show channel, 2 news channels and a few sports channels. It does the trick most days but as far as network tv shows they are a season behind. That's where the benefits of internet kick in....Thursday was the first episode of Survivor:Guatemala and to our dismay it's not being played here....so I downloaded it. It took about 12 hours to download and we had it by Friday night. I watched it and worked out the kinks of playing it on a Mac. Then we bought a few cables allow us to display computer files from the laptop to the TV. Today we sat down and had a nice time watching Survivor and the Canadian Idol finale. It's amazing that I can get TV shows that easily and watch them from my computer on our TV. Technology is awesome and it makes it so easy to stay connected with the western world.

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