21 October 2005

Canada's gain is our loss

So in the last few months the Canadian dollar has been really strong. As a Canadian I guess I'm supposed to be happy about that but I'm not. Since I'm nowhere near the American border and won't be doing any shopping runs to the Minot, ND Target store anytime soon I wish the dollar would weaken a little. Now that the paychecks come in NT (New Taiwan Dollar) the Canadian dollars strength hurts us. When we lived in Taiwan 2 years ago the exchange was 22-24 NT= 1 CAD and now it hovers between 27-29 NT= 1 CAD. It doesn't so much affect our living expenses here in Taiwan but the loan payments that we are making to Canada are more and more costly each month. I'm hoping that Taiwan has some sort of economy boom soon...maybe you guys can help: I need you all to go out and buy "Made in Taiwan" products. Ever since China took away most of the factory industry here "Made in Taiwan" products are harder to come by, but please look at labels and help support the "cheaper loan payments for Chester and Nevada" cause.


Melissa said...

Great plan! I hope it works! It definitely sucks for those needing to send $ home.

Anonymous said...

We've just ordered a case of plastic Mickey Mouse keychains - that should do the trick.