24 October 2005

Breakfast of Champions

The highlight of the last few weekends has been the fabulous breakfast that my wife and I have been enjoying. We made some stellar purchases at Costco about a month ago....bacon (western style) and pancake mix. So after a good sleep-in we both have the same thing on our minds, "when's breakfast?" Golden brown pancakes drizzled in syrup, crispy bacon and a nice dark cup of Hazelnut coffee. I wish everyday was Saturday.

We've also been following that up with our favorite activity. Watching TV. Not sure if you can call it an activity. It takes most of the week to download our favorite TV shows from home so Saturday is pay day. After breakfast we usually spend a couple hours watching: Survivor, The Apprentice, America's Next Top Model and a new addition this week, Extreme Home Makeover Home Edition. Ultimately I think the reason we enjoy these days so much is that we are spending time together and enjoying each other's company. It's been an adjustment after being apart last year but those days when we are together in harmony are awesome. (Sidenote: I've also been watching My Name Is Earl and I dig it alot...although I think Jason Lee is a quality actor that should be using his talents on big time movies not sitcom TV)


SarahJ said...

Oh Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I gotta say, its one of the best reality shows out there. I think its EVEN better than The O.C....maybe.

Anonymous said...

You are just reviving our Saturday morning ritual of pancakes and bacon. Be afraid, very afraid that you will soon adopt other family traditions....like garage sale shopping in the morning, bidding at the auction or worse yet... cleaning!

Reagan said...

I think you should add "Lost" to your TV downloads, it has Charlie from Party of Five in it (yay!!)....oh AND one of the hobbits from LOTR,:D (Merry I think.) It's a crazily addictive show that may make you borderline obsessed with it....just a warning. Cheerio.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it!
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