24 October 2005

Vicarious Sundays

My passion for football has progressively faded since I was a player back in high school. When you invest so much time and energy into trying to compete at a high level it helps to breathe it, eat it, sleep it etc. but since I stopped playing my dedication to the game has slipped away. That being said I still like the game a lot, I always follow the Riders and I even coached a couple years of junior football at HC. This fall I took a step into a new world....fantasy football. I drafted a team in the Yahoo sports league and I'm giving it a go. It's once again peaked my interest in the game. (For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about....fantasy football is when you choose a team of football players from the NFL and compete against other people online. Your players score points for their statistics and if your team scores more points you win. Each week I'm up against a new team in my league and I make adjustments to my roster and try to predict who will play the best that week.) So far I'm tied for first in the 10 team league I'm in. My matchup today is against the other guy who is tied for first. It's a big day. So every week I follow the NFL and it's really fun. It makes the regular season interesting and is bringing me back to a game I really like. I have to say my worst move of the year was dropping Brett Favre after 2 weeks. My best move was snatching up free agent Steve Smith, potentially the best fantasy wide receiver of the year so far. Well I'm off to check the scores...

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