01 November 2005


Some days I choose not to sleep or choose to go to sleep very late. But there are days when I just can't sleep. I lay my head on the pillow and my mind is racing a hundred miles a minutes with thoughts from all over the place. Tonight I'm thinking about: some old friends Anne-Marie Seibel and Emma Walerius...the future, both immediate and distant...the prospect of parenting...visiting Canada in the summer...the upcoming NBA season...my friendships with people in Kaohsiung...my Chinese homework...my weight...my role or lack therof in the church we attend here...my hair...the weather in Taipei...decorating ideas for our house...etc etc. It just won't stop. The bad part is that during the day I can't get my mind in gear at all and then 4 am rolls around and BAM it's exploding with activity. Adam Duritz from the Counting Crows sings a lot about his struggles with insomnia...I'm not sure why it happens to some of us but it does.

lyrics from "Up All Night" Counting Crows

I'm just staring at
the ceiling staring back at me,
Just waiting for the daylight to come crawling in on me...
And I've been up all night,
I might sleep all day.
Get your dreams just right
And let them slip away,
I might sleep all day.

lyrics from "Goodnight L.A." Counting Crows

I said goodnight LA
Cause I'm awake in my room
I've been up for 38 hours
And it don't look like sleep's coming soon
Cause I could break like a bird
Or I could swallow the sea
It seems like the daylight is coming
No one is watching but me
But I don't mind the dark
Discovering the day
Cause the night is a beautiful bright blue and gray


Reagan said...

I know what you mean, I have nights where I toss and turn and tell my brain to just shut up already (I think I come up with some of my best schemes...err plans in the middle of the night) ....but it's nothing a gravol and a glass of schapps won't cure :D KIDDING I don't promote drug induced sleeping, but perhaps some herbal remedies could help....most types of booze are derived from some type of plant :) No really, you should try some tea or reading, reading always helps me sleep. Take care, don't go crazy on us!!

Anonymous said...

Here's a tip...lay off the Starbucks.

SarahJ said...

Can't say I know what you mean...I sleep a ridiculous amount, yet I am still always tired. And usually by the time I go to bed my brain has already decided it's time to shut off...I don't usually suffer from thinking too much.

Anonymous said...

try some banana loaf. that stuff is soo heavy the body shuts down trying to digest it. another reason for eating it.

as if you don't know who is typing this.

Anonymous said...

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