31 October 2005


Not much to write about lately. We're sort of settling into a normal routine and there aren't many things popping out to blog about. I will say that part of our new routine worth mentioning is the Friday night Amazing Race parties at our house. For the last few weeks we've been having people over on Fridays to watch Amazing Race and play games. It's really nice and I think people really enjoy having something social on Fridays. Most of our friends here are new to teaching and put in long hours to do a good job so Fridays are a chance for them to get out and leave school behind for just one day. As far as the show itself goes I'm really unimpressed. When I heard family edition, bigger teams, I was really excited to see it in action but they totally lost my enthusiasm by having the first 5 episodes in America. The beauty of the show is seeing people out of their element...out of their comfort zone and it just hasn't happened. They finally left the US for Panama which is like what 1000 km away and then the challenges were weak...bird watching! c'mon! I don't know if they are being so safe cuz there are kids involved or what but it sucks. I can't wait for the next one where they get back to the normal format.


Hilary said...

I totally agree about Amazing Race. I sort of stopped watching this one actually just because it was pretty lame. Hope everything's going well for you guys, talk to you later!

Reagan said...

I agree too, that sounds lame. I never planned on checking it out and now I'm glad I never did. You were such an awesome exciting show "amazing Race" why oh why did you take this lame turn???? Please go back to normal....aka leave the brats at home!!