25 November 2005

signs of a traitor

So I'm watching the Lakers/Sonics game today and there's been a lot of talk of Thanksgiving. That's right, today is American Thanksgiving. I have no problem with that..in fact Nevada even got a long weekend so it's a good thing. What I do have a problem with is TNT's t'giving promo. They had all these NBA players giving special Thanksgiving messges and lo and behold one of the players was Steve Nash. WHAT??? He's Canadian....he already had Thanksgiving. The NBA is made up of about 90% American players and they choose a Canadian to be one of 5 guys in their promo...what's up with that? And why did Steve Nash agree to that...signs of a traitor? He's always been a loyal Canadian and he's most definitely put in his time but do I smell Gretzky...hmmm

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Glenn said...

Ahhh-- the joys of celebrating 2 Thanksgivings. Canadians living in the USA -- count me in.