10 December 2005

Back on the pitch

I've been feeling a bit chubby lately so I needed to add some more physical activity to my routine. I luckily ran into an opportunity a couple weekends ago at a local sports bar, The Brass Monkey. I was there to watch rugby with some friends and while checking out their website for directions I read up on the local rugby squad. At the bar I met some of the players/captains and they were quite friendly and invited me out to practice. I wasn't sure but I decided to go last night. It was really fun...nice to be back on the pitch (I like that word...they don't say "field" they say "pitch"). The coach is on vacation so we just played touch rugby for two hours but it was a good workout and a nice way to get to know the guys. There's a practice tomorrow but I don't think I'm gonna go....Saturday is special time with Nevada. I will probably go every Thursday though and officially join so that I can play in the games. I really like the game of rugby but I've had troubles staying involved with it over the years...for three reasons. 1) The practice schedule has never really worked for me. With my priority being church activities I've had to pass on other stuff when it conflicts. 2) the fees have been quite expensive...between $200-250 for a season that only last a few months. 3) and probably the biggest reason is the social scene that goes with rugby. A lot of times it's more about the social activities than it is about the game. It's about drinking and partying and a lot of debauchery in general. That's not what I'm about and it's hard to be "one of the guys" when you don't participate in this side of the team activities. I may run into this problem again here and that might turn me off again but I'll give it a shot. I met some guys at practice that might share my feelings so maybe we can bond and not feel like outcasts. In the end I just hope I get to enjoy the game, meet some people and get a in better shape.


Tom said...

You mean rugby is a sport? I thought it was the drink beer code!Well that explains a lot.

Melissa said...

I'm glad you have connected with another group of guys. I hope you enjoy playing rugby and the bonus of weight loss, good luck!