05 December 2005

It's frickin freezing in here Mr.Bigglesworth!!!

The temperature has taken a dramatic dive. The summers here hover at 30+ degrees, the fall dropped to 20+ degrees and this weekend winter has arrived...the temp at night is around 10-12 and in the day between 16-19. Now I realize that in Sask these temperatures seem great but to be very honest it is freezing now. With the humidity the cold goes right to the bone and there are no heaters anywhere so there is no escaping it. Last night was nice for a while as the air was very fresh but by the middle of the night it was really cold and it made a warm and toasty bed a very happy place to be. Both Nevada and I are finding that we are very ill-equipped in the cold weather clothes department...last time we lived in Kaohsiung which is in the south and it decidely warmer. We knew it was supposed to be colder here but never expected this. Well back to my hot cup of coffee....


Anonymous said...

I just have to wait 2 weeks and I should be into the high 20's low 30's. This morning it was -20/ -30 with the wind chill in Regina, SK Canada.

Uncle Kim

Glenn said...

I know just how bone-chilling that nasty damp cold can be. Last time I was in Taipei in the winter I froze!