04 December 2005

Bridesmaids again

The Huskies found a way to lose it in the end. I stayed up until 7:30 am to listen to a game that despite the close score was apparently dominated by Wilfred Laurier. So the Huskies are bridesmaids again...not often are they the bride. I believe it comes from the fact that they are from Saskatchewan. Our teams always find a way to lose..maybe it's because we're nice and we always think of others first. I guess next year might finally be our year...since the game is being played in Saskatoon...but with no Biland and no Stevens I highly doubt it.


SarahJ said...

I cannot believe we LOST. It was quite pathetic to watch actually. TOO many mistakes.....soo frustrating. Maybe next year

Hilary said...

I'm also quite dissapointed about the game yesterday. I have a different perspective this year, knowing first hand how much mental and physical energy those guys put into the team. It breaks my heart actually, because they worked so hard. There is next year, and Stevens might play again, they're appealing his case or something because he only played like 1.4 games last year. Anyways, it's sad, but life goes on. It's nice that you stayed up to listen to the game. I'll let Jared know, he'll be happy. Thanks for your comment on my blog, it was very nice.