04 December 2005

McHenry for MVP

It's 3:05 am and it's almost kick-off time for the 2005 Vanier Cup. I'm pushing myself to stay up and listen to the game on internet radio. I am definitely used to staying up late but I usually hit the hay right about now so this is a stretch but I can do it. As the title to this post indicates I'm pretty excited about Scott McHenry doing well today. I had the opportunity to coach him at Holy Cross...in jr. football and he was a stud back then. He's an amazing athlete and a good kid. I hope he scores today and that the U of S brings home that trophy. We deserve it. I may even have to get someone to send me a Vanier Cup Champ sweatshirt if they win (hint, hint). I always want to wish good luck to Jared who I forgot last time. He plays defense so he doesn't get the recognition that McHenry gets. I'm sure I know many guys on that team and that's why I want them to do well. I'll be back here with a post-game comment...if I'm still awake. Go Huskies!!!

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