08 January 2006

Big Game

My basketball team in Kaohsiung had a game this weekend against a group of high school teachers so I headed down on Friday night. The game was at 9 am on Saturday....not my favorite time of the day. I wasn't sure if I would be awake enough to play to my potential. I quickly found out that maybe I need to play basketball in the morning more often. I opened the first quarter hitting my first 5 shots...4 threes and 1 two...for a total of 14 pts...that's a 56 point game pace. I obviously didn't get close to that big number but I did play well and finished with 20 points. This doesn't sound amazing to most people but I haven't hit the 20 mark too many times in my b-ball career. I'm a 7-10 point guy so yesterday was really fun for me. I have to say that my fitness level is getting better because of my playing rugby twice a week. It's encouraging and will spur me on to continue being more and more active. I realize that I was in the worst shape of my life last year and I don't want to be like that.

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