03 January 2006

Fun at work

The last couple weeks at my monday night business english class they've been doing presentations. I gave them each a topic that is near and dear to my heart...things such as Starbucks, iPods, Christmas, Canada etc. One of the topics I gave was Pipes. The woman who did the presentation on Pipes mentioned that she had never had the opportunity to smoke a pipe. I sensed a tone in her voice that said she really would like to try one. I told her I would bring her a pipe to test out....but I think she thought I was joking. So at break time in our class tonight I let her know that had brought some pipes and was willing to lend her one until next class. She was so excited and said that we should smoke together after class...so there it is...after class me and 3 students went on to the roof of their office building and shared in a great pipe smoke. They were so into it...asking questions...commenting on the wonderful smell...testing each others pipes....it was so much fun. A breakthrough in my monday night class.

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Reagan said...

AH HAH!!! I think I got to you first!!! ok...TAG!!! Now on your next post you have to write 5 wierd thigs about yourself.....yes ONLY 5, lol. have fun.