01 January 2006

What I really miss this time of the year...

I've survived another holiday season away from home and it definitely hurts in some ways but now comes something that really eats at me when I'm away from home....missing BRIT. I am a Saskatoon high school basketball junkie and there is no better event every year than BRIT. My boys from Holy Cross look awesome from what I can read in the Star Phoenix and I'm sad that I'll be missing the games. If they do well I'll surely be trying to get someone to send me tapes of the games. Even when Holy Cross doesn't do well I still love BRIT. I love to sit in the stands all day, eat some hot dogs, say Hi to everyone from the S'toon b-ball community and watch game after game...the kids bring nothing but passion and leave it all on the floor. Any team can win any game and that's why it's so exciting. (Except for that Australian team that came...they were awful) I'm getting choked up just thinking about it....if you get the chance and you like basketball you should really make your way down there and support a S'toon classic.


Derek Turner said...

Chester, I hear you loud and clear. Even though I live in Saskatoon again, I've missed BRIT two out of the last three years, and every year it's amazing. As a former tournament volunteer and host and loyal Redman, I always feel the need to go back and support the ole' Red and White and to fill up on BRIT nachos, but I don't always get the chance to. Well, I'm hoping to get there this year, and I'll have a nachos for you as I cheer for every team playing against Holy Cross!

Derek out.

(By the way, I'm a friend of Ariann's. That's how I got to your blog.)

Shane Sowden said...

I'll be checking out the action this year. Flip me an email to see how the tourney went.