01 January 2006

Getting old

New Year's Eve used to really matter to me. As a kid it was one of those rare times where I was allowed to stay up all night...and get filled with junk food. As a teenager it was a chance to get rowdy and go to big parties...and my curfew was extended. Then as a college kid it was a chance to socialize with friends usually in a more sophisticated way...dinner party, cocktails and some visiting. But as a 26 year old married man my desire to go out and party is gone. I don't want this to sound like I actually think I'm over the hill or anything it's just that my idea of fun has changed. I love spending nights in with Nevada and doing things together. I also really like smaller gatherings. So that's what we did last night. We went to another teacher's house and hung out. There were 7 of us: Josh and Comfrey Bush, their two kids, Comfrey's father and us. We went for dinner and then played games at their house. It wasn't an event out of the ordinary but that's o.k.for me. We had some Coke floats, played Settlers and went up on their roof to watch fireworks. It was a great night. I think I value intimate gatherings more as I grow older. I prefer real conversation and getting to know people over the usual small talk, drinking and dancing that most people do on New Year's Eve. I hope you all had a wonderful night based on your idea of fun and I wish you all blessings in the New Year.


Hilary said...

Sounds like my new years eve. Jared and I went out for supper with two other couples (sarah and justin being one of them) and then went back to Jared's to play Catch Phrase and drink wine. We didn't even watch the ball drop at midnight because the game was too intense! I'm getting old too, but I like it and I like how I have friends that I can be mellow with and somewhat lame and it's still really fun. Happy New Year Chester!

Adam said...

have a happy super lucky new year

the boys won at trivial pursuit here

woo hoo

Melissa said...

That sounds like a great new year's get-together. By the way, your mom picked up the stuff for her and Shelen.