20 February 2006

Taiwan=no Olympic coverage

As a major basketball fan I can't really complain about the sports coverage on TV here. I can watch 4 or 5 NBA games a week not to mention Sunday and Monday NFL games, Rugby and even some good NCAA basketball. But I've found the weakness or the trade off if you will....no Winter Olympic coverage. As a Canadian I am programmed to have an interest in the winter games especially hockey, curling, figure skating, speed skating and trick skiing and I am in definite withdrawl lately. Canada is doing so well and I haven't seen one minute of it. I guess the fact that Taiwan has no snow and no natural ice means that the general viewing audience here just isn't interested. I will live but I will chalk this up in the Cons column in the ever evolving Pros & Cons list of living in Taiwan.

***I do want to say that there are a few sports bars that show the Team Canada hockey games so once the medal round rolls around I'll be there supporting my country***


Anonymous said...

I have become the Olympic watcher junkie. After being in the States for a few days, I will be happy to resume my position in front of the T.V. to cheer Canada on.
But being the encourager, I still cheer for the other participants knowing that it must be very difficult to get to the Olympic games. Being the Mom of a want to be an athlete, I celebrate with parents whose child stands on the podium.

Jared Nordick said...

Being a Canadian hockey fan is great specially during the Olympics, despite the Canadian women winning gold yesterday, I am a bit anxious watching the men. They have the talent to win gold, no doubt, but they need to start playing as a team to win. If you haven't been following online on how the team is doing we are fresh off two losses. First to swiss 2-0, then to finland 2-0. we need to win out to get gold.

Anonymous said...

I guess you won't need to be frequenting that bar after all eh?