15 February 2006


Here I am....now I know how it feels to be one of those delinquient bloggers. I've been really busy with my work lately. If you don't know, I'm writing some ESL materials. I like my job a lot because I make my own schedule and work at home on my computer...but this working on the computer has really zapped my zeal for using the computer for recreational purposes. I spend so much time staring at this screen and thinking about what to write that the prospect of doing the same thing for fun has been lost on me. So that's why I haven't blogged in a while. Plus nothing very exciting has happened lately.

The highlight of the past week has been receiving a lot of stuff from home. My mom sent a few packages in November and we were beginning to think they were lost but alas they showed up and it's nice to have some Canadian goods: new gitch, greek seasoning, Kraft dinner, gravy mix, the all important deoderant shipment etc. And Melissa who was just home in Saskatoon also dropped by with a few things...the highlights being: Caramel Crunch coffee (from McQuarrie's on Broadway or for you Lakeview people a fav at Bean Blessed), some hot sauce, a few t-shirts and a quilt for Nevada to work on (from Sheri). Most of the stuff we got isn't very exciting for those of you at "home" but it's the little things that make us happy over here. Thanks Mom and Mel.

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