16 March 2006

Fan Mail

This post is about responding to some of your comments.

1) Adam commented: "i wonder if you could take some pics of what you see out your window? give us an idea of what home looks like and feels like in your neighborhood"

For anyone interested. I'm posting a set of these pics to my Flickr site...just click the link in the right column and check'em out....

2) My favorite places video blog left out a few notable locations due to the 2 min time contraints: The Yard (pub in Stoon), The Lighthouse (pub in Kaohsiung), the Jung Jeng b-ball courts in Kaohsiung, the Broadway Theatre and on the couch watching the Lakers play.

3) Jared...I did get the videos...haunting memories but thanks for the footage.


Jared Nordick said...

sorry to bring back soemthing that shouldn't be talked about or seen, but i had them on my computer. I should send them to tom.

I agree with both you and tom with the yard being one of the best places in sask to hang out.

Adam said...

thanks for the pics chris - good stuff...