10 April 2006

Faith journey (mini progress report)

After posting a while back about the state of my faith I figure it's time to update. I am moving in a good direction. I am reading my Bible again, I'm playing worship, I'm in a great small group and I'm daring to dream again. My experience at Lakeview in the last two years was bittersweet. I got to taste what it was like to do my dream job and I also felt the damaging blow of rejection. It hurt me and I needed some time to begin to heal. I am not back to top shape but I'm on my way up. I've been talking with God and he's been talking to me. I'm feeling that burn inside to get back into ministry...maybe in a small capacity for now but I have big ideas for the future. I've been really frustrated with my work situation here in Taiwan...I just keep getting hooked up with shady employers that are out to squeeze me and pay me as little as they can. It makes each day a drag. On the plus side I realized that the reason a lot of jobs don't do it for me is because they aren't what I'm designed for. I am almost certain that God has always intended for me to be in his service somewhere somehow and I felt that very strongly again this week. I had an opportunity to talk to my pastor here and share some ideas about what I could do at the church and where the church itself could go. Now it's time to put some actions to those words. I have a series of talks that I want to work on and deliver at church...that's where I love to be...on stage. I also want to credit some of the progress in my life to the christian podcasts I've been listening to. Because of my hesistancy to fully buy into a church I sometimes take Sunday's off...but I do have God time nonetheless. I plug in my headphones and listen to some of the great emergent-post modern preachers available online. I encourage all of you to get on iTunes and find some sermons to listen to...they can go anywhere with you as MP3s...on a bus, in the car, riding your bike, working out at the gym or even while you're sitting in a comfy chair on the deck drinking a hot cup of coffee. That's it for now...I'll keep you posted and God bless!


Shane Sowden said...

That's good to hear man. After almost a year away from church, Amanda and I have possibly found a church home. I am getting into the Word a lot more lately. Church,Christianity, faith, God, etc... was difficult after what went on with The Connection in MJ. Good luck with finals and work. Enjoy your time with your buddy.

Melissa said...

I'm really happy to hear about all this. Let me know when you head down this way so we can meet up.