10 April 2006

Busy week ahead.

I was hoping to pull out all the stops with post #501 as I didn't really wow anyone with my 500th post but alas I'm not ready and so here I am with a standard text blog post. (I will try to impress before the week is over)

As the title states this week is crazy busy. I've been taking a correspondence class from the U of S this year and as those of you in university know finals are upon us. I write my final on Easter Saturday...not crazy about that but it has to be done. I've also been working on the last of my essays and have one to finish by the end of the week. Needless to say I'm sure there will be many hours spent at Starbucks cramming info into this noggin of mine. The other big event that I'm preparing for is the arrival of my friend Tim. He gets here on Friday morning so I need to have the house looking spiffy and I need to be rested up so we can hit the island hard for 10 days. I don't get to see Tim a lot cuz he lives in Toronto so any opportunity for us to hang out is a huge blessing. It's unfortunate that he gets here and I still have that final hanging over my head but that's life. Of course I also have my job to worry about. I'm in full swing writing the latest workbook. It's a great project but when I have to spend so much time in books and on my computer for this correspondence class the last thing I want to do is spend another 4 hours a day reading and writing. I guess in order to enjoy the vacation time with Tim I need to bust my butt this week.

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