06 April 2006

Blogger is busted

Hello friends. The last three days have not been fun from a blogging standpoint. For some strange reason we are unable to read blogs over here. All things ending in blogspot.com are not working. It's really frustrating because Blogs keep me in the loop with so many people back home and it frustrating because I have no idea why all of a sudden this doesn't work. Blogs have been blocked by China and Pakistan in the past with crazy government firewalls but I assure you Taiwan isn't like that. Or is it? I've contacted blogger support and am waiting to hear what they have to say. Although I'm not holding my breath expecting a response. Another strange thing is that I can post and use all of the Blogger function as far as my account is concerned but I just can't read them.

I would also like to announce that this is post #500 according to the Blogger people. I was hoping to make a video and write up a special post but I just had to vent and let you all know that we are on a blogspotless island. I promise I will make post #501 something special. Maybe I'll even have a special guest....

UPDATE: It seems to be working again...see you in post #501


Tom said...

Congrats on # 500. We all knew you could make it. I bet 501 will be something truly special.

Anonymous said...

I know who your special guest (T.G. right??) will be, just make sure he shows his big long ears and fuzzy tail.
Wink, wink.