25 April 2006


Tim left today...I'm a bit sad...definitely looking forward to coming home soon to see the rest of you.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I felt the pain of your good friend leaving. Let me go get a kleenex. How wonderful for you to have had Tim there to share your life with.

Allison said...

Did Tim die on the way home?! I just had to giggle at the song choice for his tribute. Not that I don't like the song, because I do, but it is about Notorious BIG dying (I think him).

Tim said...

Don't sweat it, I made it home without dying. Now as to that song it's also kind of a song about P-Diddy misses his good frined Biggie. So it kind of applies even if I'm not dead.

Chester what a moving tribute that was! Thanks buddy. It's good to know that you really enjoyed my visit. It was a great time both seeing Taiwan and getting to spend some time with you. Thanks for putting so much time and energy into showing me around while I was over there. I really appreciated it, so much so that I can probably forgive you for tricking me into eating those questionable chicken parts.

alex said...

Hey... this is Alex. Yeah, Alex Teal, the guy who moved to the US to never be heard from again.

I've been spying on your blog for a while, since my dad tracked you down, and i've been waiting for the right chance to attack, uh... i mean, comment.

It was fun to watch you and tim and see that not much has changed from what i remember (other than the hair cuts). Keep up the great work in taiwan. God Bless