27 April 2006

On my mind

I wish I had some clever anecdotes, academic analyses, theological insights or eventful updates but to be honest my mind is only on two things these days: the pregnancy and coming home this summer. I am becoming more and more invested in our pregnancy. I’ve been reading our book, “The Unofficial Guide to Having a Baby” by Ann Douglas and John R.Sussman, M.D. and learning about what’s happening in the book’s week-by-week format. We’re in week 9 and according to the book we should be pre-occupied with miscarriage possibilities. It’s so true…obviously I am not in touch physically with the pregnancy so I’m unable to monitor physical changes but I am mentally and emotionally invested and concerned. I have been thinking a lot about miscarriages…we know people who have miscarried (as most of you do) and it’s sad. Once you make it past the first trimester you’re much closer to being in the clear…I can’t wait for that…maybe my stress level will go down. Please pray for us and the safety of this pregnancy. I have to tell you how funny this scene is right now…I’m at Starbucks where I came to work and instead I’m sitting here listening to the “Bitterest Pill” (a podcast done by a stay-at-home dad) and ready this pregnancy book. Imagine walking into a Starbucks and seeing some big guy with tattoos and dreads reading a pregnancy book. I’m learning a lot though and feel in touch with what’s going on.

The second thing that’s on my mind is coming “home”. Although SK is not really our home anymore it is our “home”. I’m really excited to see everyone and catch up. I talked to my friend Scott today and he will be in town so that’s exiting. He’s been in law school at Dalhousie for the last few years so we rarely see each other. That means these coincidental meetings in Saskatoon are valuable. I also talked to my friend Ted this week and he said he’s feeling the reverse feelings…he’s got the travel itch and wants to get out of SK in search of another adventure. It helped me to see that Nevada and I have it pretty good…we’re living the international adventure and with the yearly school schedule we’ll have a chance to spend a couple months at home each year. It’s a nice balance. Life is good.

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