16 May 2006

3 weeks

I have to admit that I'm super excited about coming home. The countdown is definitely on...20 days... There is so much Nevada and I want to do and so many people to see. I really do love living overseas and exploring the world but having time to go "home" and recharge is a key thing. One thing that I'm looking forward to is spending time at the lake...not any specific lake...but as we say in Saskatchewan..."the lake". That's one of the downfalls of living in a big Asian city, there isn't a lot of nature. Taiwan has a lot of beautiful countryside and nice places to visit but in the city it's nothing but buildings, traffic, people, concrete and commerce. With that in mind we're both looking forward to sitting in lawnchairs by a fire, reading a book, chewing Spitz and breathing in that clean air.

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SarahJ said...

Hey Chester,
I know everyone here is looking forward to your return. Hope to see you while you're here!