13 May 2006

Pregnancy update

This week has been an eventful one in this whole pregancy business. The funnest thing is that Nevada has all of a sudden started to show. Her little pot belly just popped out this week. She had looked normal sized up until now and in the blink of an eye a baby appeared. It kicks it in to the next stage of "this is really happening". The other news is good that came out of bad. On Thursday morning Nevada woke up and noticed that there might be a problem...so without reluctance she headed in to the hospital to see if anything was wrong. Luckily they said that the problem was not actually a problem but a normal part of the process. They gave her an ultrasound to check things out and Nevada got to see the baby...she came home so excited...she said that she could now see it's arms and legs and they were moving around like crazy. She said it looked like the baby was dancing, I like to think it was practicing it's basketball moves but who knows. I have to admit that I'm not quite goo-goo-gaa-gaa over the whole 3 centimeter baby thing but it is starting to get more exciting. I think it might be more difficult for the men to connect early on because it's not happening in us. I'm really excited to see what the next couple of months bring as Nevada gets bigger and due date gets closer and closer.


Tom said...

Or maybe he/she is practicing conducting???

Anonymous said...

Nevada may not want to have s/he dancing in there because we know what the major steps are for Ukrainian and Scottish dancing,,,, kicks. Might not be too comfortable as the baby fills in the space provided.
But it sure does make this Baba happy to know there is potential for Ukr. dancing lessons in the future