25 May 2006

NBA- Conference Finals

I've done a great job of picking the winners so far and have only been off by just a few games...here are my quick picks for the conference finals.

Eastern Conference
Miami vs. Detroit--> To be honest I don't care much for Eastern Conference basketball. It's slower, more defensive and less exciting to watch. I don't like Detroit's cockiness and their molasses playing style. I think they are running out of gas and getting more than they can handle from their opposition. LeBron beat them up enough for Miami to come in and deliver the knockout blow. Miami made changes last offseason that are paying off and their depth will ultimately be too much for Detroit. I can't deny that some Laker ties draw my heart to Miami...Shaq and Riley. Miami is currently up 1-0 an will win in 6.

Western Conference
Dallas vs. Phoenix--> This is gonna be an awesome series. Tons of scoring, tons of highlights, tons of heroes...I see this series going 6 or 7 games. Dallas is the best team in the league this year and will eventually put the Suns away. Dirk is unstoppable...he finally got the best of Duncan and it wasn't with 3s, he's finally playing like a 7 footer taking it to the hole. Nash is a two-time MVP but I fear his health and his energy are depleting fast after two 7 game series...the Suns have proven to be mentally tougher than people thought but Dallas is too deep and playing better defensively. I hope this one lives up to the hype and I give it to Dallas in 6 or 7. Another game 7 would be crazy!!!

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