25 May 2006


We've been waiting for quite a while for the housing manager, Paul, at the school to find us a new place. First they wanted to switch us with another couple and that fell through. Then the search resumed...Two days ago we were bugging Paul, "So have you found anything yet?" It's a game we've been playing off and on...except this time he said "Yes, and I think you'll really like it. Maybe we can go check it out this week." This morning Paul told Nevada that afterschool we could probably go check it out, he just had to call the owner and make an appointment. We were so excited...then 3:00 rolled around. Long story short the deal fell through. Paul called to make an appointment and the lady said that she had reconsidered and the place was no longer for rent. We are homeless once again. I really hope they find something....please pray that they will find something before we leave for home and that it meets all of the criteria.

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Lynette said...

will do.