20 May 2006


BJ and Tyler win Amazing Race 9
I'm so excited..the hippies won Amazing Race. They were one of the two teams Nevada and I picked in our A.R. pool. The routine for the last several months is that on Friday night we go for dinner with our friends and then have them over for A.R. It's sort of a constant date and is a great time to relax and catch-up after our busy weeks. We coupled off and each chose 2 teams....Nevada and I had the Nerds and the Hippies. The Nerds were fun but not up to the competition. The Hippies were awesome...they kept in good spirits, they were polite to all of the locals, they knew languages and they were great friends. Our reward for picking the winners is having our dinners paid for next week. As always I am sad that A.R. is over...in fact I'm sad that many of my fav shows are done for the season...Amazing Race, Survivor, 24, Prison Break, Next Top Model and Apprentice. That means there is about to be a lull on TV but I guess I'll be at home and too busy visiting and vacationing to worry about TV.


SarahJ said...

I was also SOO excited that BJ and Tyler won the Amazing Race. They played fair (relatively..) and were generally nice guys. I was so pumped they won as well!

Christy said...

We LOVED the hippies...rooted for them from Day 1, but doubted that anybody that cool and who played having so much fun would win.

Congrats on the new little bean too! :)