01 May 2006

NBA playoffs- quick Eastern Conference thoughts

Detroit vs Milwaukee--> Detroit is the best team in the league, Milwaukee is not...the Bucks had a nice game 3 win at home but I think they woke a sleeping giant. Detroit will not lose again to Milwaukee...Pistons in 5.

Miami vs Chicago--> No one gave the Bulls any chance in this series yet it's 2-2 and could've been 3-1 Bulls...I love the way they are playing, Nocioni and Hinrich are goofy white guys doing their thing and Ben Gordon has balls of steele. Deep down I'm also enjoying the fact that Kobe is on the rise and Shaq is falling apart...I'm not sure the Bulls can keep it up however so I'm going with Miami in 7.

New Jersey vs Indiana I don't like Vince Carter and so I don't wish him any success. Indy is tough, gritty, talented and overlooked...NJ is cocky and lack a killer instinct...Indy in 7. It's time for another team to find out that Vince can't get it done when it counts.

Lebron vs Washington--> Oops...I guess that's supposed to be Cleveland vs Washington. When did the other Cavaliers lose all their talent...Ilgauskas, Hughes, Marshall, Jones...those guys should be a good supporting cast but they've dissapeared leaving Lebron on an Island. Lebron is a phenom and I love watching him plat but I think the Wiz are playing more as a team and are ready to do what it takes to win...I'm not sure who's gonna win the series so I'm going with a no call...someone in 7 games.

Looks like I've booked three 7 game series in the East...that's some exciting play-off basketball...

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