30 April 2006

NBA playoffs- Western Conference thoughts

I haven't posted about basketball in a long time so I figure I'm due:
San Antonio vs Sacramento--> The Kings looked strong coming into the playoffs but after a 34 point loss in game 1 I was reminded of the Spurs dominance in the NBA. Sac is down 2-1 and they may pull off another win but it'll be Spurs in 5 or 6. Side note...Ron Artest is a great basketball player but he has Mike Tyson syndrome, he can't keep his head straight for longer than a week, knowing that he has a terrible reputation how could he go out and get a 1 game suspension in the playoffs...what a dummy!

Phoenix vs L.A. Lakers--> The media said this would be the most entertaining frist round series and so far it has been. Of course I am well pleased with the way things are going. The Lakers are up 2-1 and if not for a few missed shots in game 1 they might be up 3-0. The Lakers have completed changed up their style...they are sharing the ball and everyone is involved. As Kobe shows his unselfish game and tremendous leadership the haters are being silenced. I've always defended Kobe's scoring saying that he does it out of necessity...and now that his teamates are stepping up he's showing trust in them. Yesterday he was the 5th leading scorer on the team. I think the Suns are a great team and as a Canadian I love Nash so I'm not going to write them off but I do think that LA is doing the right things to win this series...and Kobe still hasn't gone off which is bound to happen at least once...Lakers in 6. If it goes 7 games I'm scared because the game is in Phoneix.

Denver vs L.A. Clippers--> Denver won the crap division and got the 3rd seed. They are out of their league and the loss of Kenyon Martin due to suspension puts them deeper in a hole. The Clippers are a solid team...balanced youth and experience...a strong bench...and they are energized after years of watching the playoffs at home. As of right now the Clips are up 3-1 and I think they will win the next game at home. That's right NBA fans....the Clips are going to WIN a playoff series and win impressively. So that takes us to the second round...Lakers/Clippers...how funny is that?...7 games at Staples Center. I'm so stoked about that but I do have to say the Clippers might be a better team right now and the Lakers will have to play their best ball this season to have a chance at winning.

Dallas vs Memphis--> The Grizzlies organization has never won a playoff game and unfortunately they aren't going to win one this year. They were a much better team than they ever have been but they drew the short end of the stick getting Dallas in round 1. I think Dallas may be the best team in the west this year so I don't forsee a Memphis victory. Dirk Nowitzki is playing awesome, he's scoring all over the court and has regained his ability to rebound. Dallas 4-0. And if they keep playing the way they are playing I think Dallas has a great chance of beating the Spurs.