08 May 2006

NBA Playoffs Rd.2

OK...so I'm a little hurt today because the Lakers lost to the Suns thus ending a remarkable season for them and preventing a Lakers/Clippers series. I did say that if it went to a game 7 in Phoenix I didn't think we could do it. Congrats to the Suns and especially to Canadian and now 2 time MVP Steve Nash. Now onto round 2...

Detroit vs. Cleveland--> Detroit has too much experience, too good a defense and too many weapons. The Cavs aka. Lebron might have enough in them to win 1 game...maybe even 2 but there's no way they can win this series. I would like to see a 6 game series but my official prediction is Pistons in 5.

Miami vs. New Jersey--> I am so torn...with Shaq and Vince in a series I don't know who to hate more. I don't care who wins and I think Detroit will win against either team. The Heat are deeper and more experienced and after Shaq's 30-20-5 game I think the Nets are in trouble. Wade can match Carter's production and the rest of the Heat is far stranger than the Nets so my prediction is Heat in 5.

San Antonio vs. Dallas--> this series is the real Western Conference finals. The new seeding sydtem has screwed it all up. This is Dallas' year... they have depth, they have inside players, and they have the best 7 foot German player in the league. I think this might be the best series of the playoffs...I'm not sure Duncan, Parker and Ginobili are up to it this year...so I'm gonna say Dallas in 7. I'm tired of seeing the Spurs win so this is the year of the Dirk.

Phoenix vs. LA Clippers--> This will mirror the last Phoenix/LA series...it will come down to a battle of styles. A slower inside game versus a faster run and gun game. I'm not confident in either teams ability so I'll have to give the nod to the MVP Nash and say Phoenix will win. They have hit their stride with 3 straight high scoring games against the Lakers and the Clippers can't keep up with that...plus I have to say I'm excited about the prospect of a Nash vs. Dallas WC Final. It will be a shootout like no other. Suns/Clippers...Suns in 6.


Jeb said...

Well there's always the Oilers...

Anonymous said...

You mean that basketball has playoffs too? I thought they just stopped playing after the NHL playoffs started...hmmm.