21 June 2006

Happy Everything Day

This past weekend we were down in Regina visiting my family and celebrating "Everything Day". We've created a holiday that brings us together to celebrate all the special occasions we've missed throughout the year or that hover around summer time. I don't have a large family...all together there are 9 of us...but we still don't get together that often (especially with us living overseas now) so this holiday is our way of sharing each others special times. This years party was definitely focused more on Nevada and I because we hadn't been around all year. We celebrated belated Christmas, our soon-to-be baby and our anniversary. We also celebrated my cousins high school grad and my mom bought some people presents just because. The highlight gifts for Nevada and I were the pruple and yellow quilt, a "baby guess" scrapbook (people can make guesses about the baby's sex, name, weight, future occupation etc.) made by my cousins, a Riders shirt, a teddy bear that prays when you squeeze it and some hot maternity clothes (for my wife). Here's a little video with a few guest stars...

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Grandpa Steve said...

Cool video and great family time I'm sure

Kristin, Katrina & Nate said...

That is SO cute. Count down to Grandma crying.... love it.

Nice to see you guys! Hope you're loving your time home! Swing by Ontario would ya?