23 June 2006

A small slip off the wagon

When we arrived in Canada this summer I was weighing in at 256 lbs which is 38 lbs lighter than I was a year ago. I'm proud of my success and hope to keep going but I know that a summer at home will challenge my resolve. I don't have a free gym to work out at and there are western food options that I've been craving while away...not to mention some wonderful Canadian beers. I've done ok so far...I've worked out at my old high school and I've been playing basketball...I've been eating sensibly with the odd Canadian treat. But last night was a night of indulgence. I went out with some friends to Maguires and we feasted on wings, dry ribs, mozza sticks and nachos...to wash it all down I had a couple Sleeman's Honey Brown. (the best beer in the world) It was such a fun time that Nevada and I decided to let ourselves go. It's funny for me to think that for the last few years those nights have been a weekly norm but now nights like that feel undisciplined and almost disgusting. I want to become healthier and thinner but I also don't want to become a health nazi. It's a fine line between being driven and being fanatical. In the end I want to enjoy my time in Canada and sometimes that means letting the appetite win.

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