22 July 2006

Elk Ridge=Good Times

Monday to Wednesday I had the privilege of spending time with my best friend Tom and some other upstanding young men. We headed out to Elk Ridge resort for a boy's getaway. We had an awesome time playing bocce ball, croquet, PS2, poker and of course golf. Speaking of golf....I received the "Golf's Like A Girl" trophy at the end of the weekend...despite my portly figure I do pride myself for being a decent athlete but I will admit that golf is not my game. If I played it more I may improve but I don't see that happening until I'm retired or a wealthy lottery winner. This trip has become an annual mainstay for these guys and I was honored to be a part of it. I was mostly excited to spend time with Tom. We've been friends for a long time and when I'm away in other countries he's probably the person I miss the most. I know our friendship is strained by me being away and that eats me up inside but for now that is the way life is. We're both approaching a year that will see both of our families change dramatically and I'm dissapointed that we'll be sharing these experiences over phone and e-mail. I'm generally a big fan of technology but a few times a year a hug and a coffe date can go a long way. I miss you already Tom and I hope that we can continue to grow as friends even if the ocean keeps us physically apart.

p.s. I would like to take a moment to apologize to Tom and the other fellas for offenses that may have occurred as a result of my often objectionable sense of humor. I've never been good at distinguishing where the line of humor ends and crudeness begins.
The Gang

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Adam said...

hey buddy - i was up there a couple weeks ago - great course hey?

hope you had a good time - sorry to have missed you...

peace out