13 July 2006

Late night thoughts...

It's 3:30 am and I'm up....what else is new? This time of the night seems to be when I have the most going on in my head and I always feel like blogging. I'm sure normal people like to blog in the daytime when they have thoughts but I seem to let them collect throughout the day and then let them explode during the night....that being said here are a few of the things going through my mind.

I miss my home. Vacation has been fun and I've really had some highlight times but my heart is longing to go back home. Now that we've committed to being overseas these long vacations in Canada are a bit hard...we finally get settled mentally and emotionally in another place just to turn around and spend a 6th of the year back in Sask. It's hard for me to be stuck in two worlds but I guess as long as we are away and have friends and family here I'll just have to suck it up.

I'm really excited to get back to my regular excercise routine. My body is suffering in Canada. I don't have a bike here and that's been tough and I'm not a part of any regular sports. For my own health I need to get back to my weekly basketball games and rugby practices. I think I might even try to find time to play soccer back in Taiwan.

One of the biggest reasons I'm psyched to get back is that we're moving into a new place and I can't wait to get back and do some decorating and setting up. We are getting some of the rooms painted and buying a few new furniture items so it'll be nice to have a more homey feeling. We also get to start creating a baby room which should be a new challenge. I'm kind of a metrosexual that way...I'm getting tingles just thinking about decorating.

I guess there isn't much new going on. We're sort of in a holding pattern. Nevada's belly is getting bigger which is exciting. We're slowly accumulating a ton of baby stuff. We still need to buy a few of the basics but we have two weeks left in Canada and 4 months to find things in Taiwan.

After spending time with some of our friends who have babies I've been getting incresingly nervous about the many details I need to learn about the daily routine of babies. I watch these parents in action and it seems like they have so many things to do and they are able to keep track of what to do and when. I'm worried that I won't be able to grasp the all the steps in the repeated routine...change, feed, burp, hug, rock, wrap, put to bed....ahhhh....so much to remember. Nevada eased my nervousness a little when she reminded me that all of these people had to learn what worked for them and their baby and that I can do it and get through it.

p.s. Belly shots will be going up by the end of today.....they will be on Nevada's blog and possibly on a new baby blog.

(I'll be back with more later today)


Trina said...

It really isn't that bad. You will adjust so quickly and it will come naturally. James had never even held a baby when Harrison was born, and he got the hang of it realy quick. (really he was clueless, he offered Harrison a fry in the hospital, Harrison wasn't even a day old, in case you didn't know, NO Babies don't eat fries)
Basically, don't stress, Nevada will have things running so smoothly, that you will just have to work with her and you will get the hang of it.

Jared Nordick said...

Guess what? It's 2:00 am and I can't sleep. By the way, you and I really need to get our plans straight. Leave me a contact number and I can get a hold of you. I don't know where you are staying. Plus, check the church directory if you want to give Hilary a call.