11 July 2006

Time to read...

I've got several books on the go and the goal is to finish as many as possible before we head back to Taiwan. Not sure if many of you know but the airlines recently lowered their weight limit from 70 to 50 lbs....so that means travelling with books is a no-no. The problem is that I'm still captivated by all the English TV and I know my days of watching familiar TV are numbered. I'm also a fairly slow reader so I'll be lucky to even finish one of the 3 or 4 books I'm reading. I guess I'll be spending much of my days outside in this beautiful weather cathcing some rays and flipping the pages of these wonderful books.

The books I'm reading:
A Generous Orthodoxy- Brian McLaren
Rumors- Philip Yancey
Henderson and the Rain King- Saul Bellow

and just added Through Painted Deserts- Donald Miller

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