06 August 2006

Back at church

Tonight was church and it was awesome. We were welcomed back with open excited arms. People were so happy to have us back that it sort of took me by surprise. I really feel a sense of community and belonging. It's not always the best church and the services are sometimes lacking but the relationships being built are genuine and heartfelt. Last year I was reluctant to fully invest in the Pearl (our Taiwan church) because of the left over hurt I was dealing with from Lakeview but after a year of recovery I think I'm ready to be back in the game. I'm so excited to see where I can contribute and what my gifts can do within the ministries of our church.

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dan said...

hey chester ...

just stopped by to catch up on your life and see how you were doing. congrats on the baby that's coming - very cool!

nice to hear that you guys are in a community of believers that embraces you guys for who you are and welcome you home when you've been gone - sweet!

keep pushing into the heart of the father ...