09 August 2006

Out of a suitcase

We're still living out of our suitcases and have yet to move into our new place. That's the reason for the delay in blog posts and expecially those of you waiting for the Baby Blog to be updated with the sex of our baby. I have ultrasound video footage that I want to make into a Blog video but it's hard to do without a homebase. We are moving in to our new apartment today so I hope to be online by tonight. I can at least edit the video and have it ready to upload by tomorrow at school. I can't wait to finally settle in....it's really starting to eat at both Nevada and I adding stress to the pregnancy and to the first week of school. Please pray that everything goes smoothly today.


Reagan said...

OH!!! That's why you haven't posted about the baby yet, you know I've been religously checking the baby blog every couple hours, lol. I guess thsi just prolongs the fun of anticipation :). Hope your move is going smoothly, well as good as moving can go I guess it always sucks no matter how well things go, anyways, ttyl.

Anonymous said...

We can't wait until you post the sex of the baby!!! I too have been checking the baby blog every couple hours to see if you've posted. I've also been bugging nate to call you guys and find out. I hope the move went fast and painless, and that Nevada is doing well. We miss you guys. Hope to hear from you soon:)

Love Nate and Sandra