17 August 2006

Back online...

The telephone guy finally came after a week of ducking and dodging us so we are online and happy to be in touch with the world again. It's amazing how dependent we are on the internet these days. Especially when we're away from Canada and need to stay in touch with so many of our loved ones.

We've settled in to our new place and I have to say now that all the unpacking and furniture re-assembly is done I'm really excited about this place. It's quite big, has excellent built-in storage, has wonderful lighting and essentially feels like home. With a baby on the way it's more important that this place be functional longer term so Nevada and I are very happy.

I feel I've let you, my audience, down by not posting very often as of late and having very bland posts. So my goal is to post every day for the next week..and not just "hello, how are you?" posts but some good stuff. I'm in one of those stages lately where I feel like I haven't had sufficient intelligent and creative oulets. I've said this before but that's why enjoy university so much. It forces me to use my mind on a regular basis.

This is today's warm-up post....I will be back with another before the end of the day.

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