19 August 2006

Here kitty kitty

I posted earlier that I wanted to post again and to be honest I was lacking material but Taiwan came through like it always does. As I was walking to school to work out (which I'm back in the habit of doing and enjoying a lot) I saw a woman knocking on the hood of her car to show a guy that there was a cat in the engine. I thought it was a bit funny but I kept on my way and assumed the cat word just jump out and scatter eventually. I worked out for an hour and then it was time to head home. It was pouring rain out but I only needed to walk for about 30 secs to our house. As I ran out of the schoolyard I saw a crowd of people gather around that car. The lady and her friend were there but there were two onlookers under umbrellas, a mechanic, a fireman and a police officer. It sort of warrants a joke like "how many Taiwanese does it take to get a cat out of an engine?" The cat was still stuck. I guess that's not so funny, especially for you feline lovers, but it is funny that the whole cavalry was there to solve the problem. I thought fireman saving cats was an old joke but it's alive an well in the rainy streets of Taiwan. Meow...


Anonymous said...

She could have just turned the car on to solve her problem. By the way, I have a book for sale, I will post the link, but I am not sure if I can post a hyperlink here.

rob clark said...

sorry, there is a way I can post a hyperlink. If you don't like me flogging my book, feel free to remove this post